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Dental Implants Includes Abutment & Final Restoration $2000 More »
Implant-Retained Dentures Starting at $2999 More »
Full Dentures $650 for one arch (either upper or lower)
$1,200 for both arches if done at the same time
More »
Partial Dentures $750 for one arch (either upper or lower)
$1,400 for both arches if done together
More »
Adding teeth to existing partial denture $99 for first tooth
$15 for each additional tooth
More »
Denture Relines & Repairs More »
Extractions $99 per tooth
$89 per tooth if done in conjunction with denture services
More »

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About Affordable Dental Solutions in Easton

Affordable Dental Solutions now offers dental implants and dentures for Lehigh Valley patients in our Easton office. We are proud to provide quality care at all-inclusive rates significantly lower than traditional dental offices. We understand that many patients like the convenience of being treated for dental implants and dentures at their family dentist, but may not be able to afford the prices. We believe that a great, healthy smile should not only be priceless, but affordable. Our practice now provides in-office dental implant and denture services at an affordable rate, as well as general dentistry.

While we offer competitive pricing on all of our services, that does not mean that we are rushing appointments, giving second-rate care, using materials that are of poor quality, or cutting corners. We are committed to delivering excellence for each and every patient that steps into our office. By virtue of the fact that we do thousands of implants per year, our team is extremely qualified and efficient in performing these procedures. That means our job is easier and less costly for you. With all-inclusive pricing and no hidden fees, our patients are highly satisfied with the treatment we provide, which allows our organization to continually expand and grow so that we can provide our inexpensive and quality care to more people.

We are located only a short distance from Phillipsburg, NJ, and we gladly treat many patients from Western New Jersey. As one of the Lehigh Valley’s premier dental providers, we are proud to have some of the most experienced implant dentists in the area on our team.

If you have been considering dental implants but are concerned about the price or the treatment, call us for a free consultation. Our caring team is ready and willing to help make your smile bright again at an affordable cost. As one of the fastest growing providers of implants and dentures in Eastern Pennsylvania, we think that you will be glad you made the call.

We aim for ideal dentistry and we take the time to educate you so that you can truly understand the benefits of your treatment. Our patients’ care and comfort is always a priority.

About Dr. Michelle Bernreuther

Michelle grew up in the snow country of Oswego, NY. To escape the cold, she chose to go to Duke University in North Carolina for the warmth, academic environment, and fun of the Blue Devil basketball team. During March Madness you can always expect her to root for her college team!

After deciding on a Chemistry major in college, Michelle was unsure which path to follow for grad school until someone asked her what she was passionate about. She loved being artistic, creating things with her hands, problem solving, and science. Combined with her realization that she always stared at people's teeth, dentistry appeared to be a perfect option.

As she made her way through dental school at the University of Pennsylvania, she knew she had made the perfect choice for a career that wouldn't feel like work. Being able to make such a difference in people's health and lives is incredibly rewarding and drives Michelle to constantly try harder and do better for her patients.

In 2007, Michelle graduated in the top ten of her class and went immediately into a one-year general practice residency at St. Luke's Hospital in Bethlehem. She relished the opportunity to learn from numerous specialists and further her hands-on skills in periodontics, oral surgery, and general dentistry.

Michelle has called ADS home and family since 2012. Dr. Joel encouraged her to explore her love of surgery, which led her to take hundreds of hours of continuing education classes and earn a Fellowship in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. Implant and bone graft surgery and reconstructing smiles have become her passion! She loves that her amazing team continues to grow and that ADS has been able to find such truly caring doctors and staff to further their vision of bringing affordable care to a greater number of people. Our group of doctors continue to push their growth through continuing education and collaboration, and each new addition excites Michelle with how bright the future of dental care is in our company and for our patients.

In her spare time, Michelle loves to spend time with her daughter Clara. They love hiking, swimming, cooking, and exploring nature. Michelle hopes to get Clara's training wheels off soon and add biking to their list of activities! They live in Pottstown, PA.

About Dr. Gary Greenberg

Gary has been practicing dentistry for 20+ years. He truly enjoys his dental profession. He joined the ADS team in 2015. He will be the first to say that Affordable Dental Solutions “ is the greatest of all time”. Gary will always strive to give his patients the best dental care possible and to treat them in a caring and comfortable environment. He loves the ADS philosophy of giving patients quality dentistry at affordable prices.

Gary was born in Brooklyn, NY and grew up in Livingston, NJ. He graduated from Boston University’s Henry M. Goldman’s School of Graduate Dentistry. After graduating, he practiced in New Jersey for a year and then moved to Boston to teach at Boston University for 6 years. He moved to Florida in 1989, where he owned his own dental practice. Gary moved to Pennsylvania in 2010 and currently resides in Nazareth, PA. In his spare time, he enjoys reading and especially playing golf with his 14 year old son.